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IAdea to Partner with LOOK to Further Leading Position in Retail and Banking

TAIPEI, Taiwan; NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russia, November 6, 2017

IAdea, leader in digital signage media players, smart signboards and video wall technology, announces today an ecosystem partnership with LOOK Limited (LOOK). LOOK is a worldwide producer and system integrator of LOOK Digital Signage Service, which was created for deployment and remote managing of digital display networks. The partnership between IAdea and LOOK aims to combine respective strengths in system reliability and diversity to create robust, scalable solutions that serve multiple sectors.

“We hold the view that IAdea is one of the top digital signage hardware providers in the industry. Our customers would be delighted to work with the IAdea team,” said Ilya Zorokhovich, CEO of LOOK. “LOOK is a company with tremendous energy and fresh outlook on the market. IAdea comes with experiences of almost 2 decades. They know the market, its challenges, and have enjoyed an excellent reputation.”

LOOK offers services that tie together IAdea device form factors under a modern web-based management system. LOOK takes pride in creating digital signage software that has never been easier to use and faster to deploy, navigating users to destinations in fewer than 3 clicks. Real time 24/7 support is also made available online to each user with a registered account.

“The partnership with LOOK furthers our leading position in retail and banking, where LOOK excels,” said John C. Wang, CEO of IAdea. “Aligned with our vision to build a strong digital signage ecosystem, the collaboration between IAdea and LOOK is expected to enable our customers to go after new business opportunities. We both look forward to expanding together to always meet the ever-evolving demands in our industry.”

LOOK and IAdea will roll out a compatibility portfolio of both our products. We will also introduce AnyTiles, the award-winning video wall content controller developed by IAdea, to the LOOK digital signage service.

For information on how to come a certified software partner of IAdea, visit http://www.iadea.com/partners

LOOK won Great User Experience and Rising Star Awards in FinancesOnline Review


We are extremely glad to inform, that LOOK won two prestigious awards from FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business review directories.

Also according to their review of our software we were rated with a user satisfaction of 93% and overall score of 8 out of 10.

The first award is the 2017 Great User Experience Award for their marketing software category. It is usually given to products contributing significantly to the quality of user experience. And we deeply believe that it is fully about us. We have a passion for creating solutions for average people, and not just for professional system administrators. Day by day we do our best to improve the user experience of our customers. Furthermore, this is the main target, from which we start the implementation of any item from our development plan. And we really appreciate that FinancesOnline has noticed it and awarded us exactly in this nomination. This is a truly significant moment, carrying with it not only the satisfaction from a well done job, but also the increased responsibility to our customers.


Along with the first nomination we also were awarded as the Rising Star 2017. Regularly it is given to new SaaS products on the market, which are already getting good traction with the customers and are viewed as a service that’s really efficient despite its young age. And, first of all, it is a huge challenge for us, which we accept with a big honor. We’ll make every effort to rise to the desired height and take our place among the best B2B services available on the market.
We feel pride by getting these awards. And we'd like to say "Thanks" to all our current and prospective customers, who help us to reach where we are, and to move forward in bringing our product to a qualitatively new level.

The advertising possibilities of digital signage solutions

The Benefits of Digital Signage

These days, the modern advertising market develops at the velocity of sound. It means that if you want your investment in the advertisement to pay off in shades, you need to use the latest technological achievements. If you are engaged in the world of advertisement , you definitely have already thought about the possibility to implement digital signage into the development of your business. However, even if you think about this, you will wonder if this investment will be worth your money and bring a positive result.
Our goal is to explain to you what digital signage is, find out the benefits of advertising display software and determine whether this advertising method pays off.

What is digital signage?

This is a definite type of digital display, which is used with the aim to promote a new product. These days, such advertising method is widely used among those manufacturers who want to advertise their new product and push up sales. You will definitely find this type of signage in hotels, restaurants, airports, railway stations, department stores, buses, etc. This list is longer because such advertising displays are really popular.
It is not difficult to leap to a conclusion that if you see digital signage almost everywhere, it means that it works! Moreover, we can make a conclusion that the time-honored print advertising is gradually falling into oblivion. Fast food restaurants substitute printed menus with digital board menus, traditional outdoor billboards are substituted with digital led screens and so on.
What to expect from the digital signage software?
Now, let’s analyze what benefits you (as the owner of any business in any industry) will get. Take a look at all these benefits and probably you will finally forget about the print advertising.

1. Reduced Costs

The average cost of this form of advertising is definitely lower as compared to the print advertising. First, you just need to get down cash into LCD or LED screens and the creation of the promotional content and that is all! Within a given period, you will obtain the positive result. Bear in mind that print advertising requires investment on a regular basis.

2. Customer Capture

Statistically, digital signage solutions catch the attention of the audience much better as compared to the time-honored advertising methods like TV or radio. The correct and, at the same time, catching online video enables advertisers to find their targeted audience faster.

3. Web Connectivity

All digital screens are connected to the Internet. This feature offers the opportunities for making the promotional material more interesting.
london led screen
You can easily update the digital signs when you want and schedule it how you need. Besides, you can also use different types of content (images, videos, HTML5, video streams, RSS feeds and etc.). If you wish to update the price per your services, you can easily do it, being anywhere in the world.

4. Influence on Purchase Decisions

In most instances, people make a decision to obtain one or another product being in the store. Digital signage can help you over persuade the customer that your product is better. An ideal combination of a professional promotional material, video and images will definitely influence the decision of a potential customer to purchase this product.

5. Announce the Emergency Messages in a Real-Time Mode

Except for the advertising content, you will also be able to post emergency messages. Digital signage allows you to do this in a matter of seconds. There is no need to wait for several hours until these messages will be approved and published by other methods of advertising.

6. The Capability to Display Calendars and Upcoming Events

The users will always be informed about any upcoming event, some schedules, date and time.

7. The Best Place to Showcase Your Work

It is a well-known fact that users tend to believe only those companies that can show the results of their work. For instance, you are the owner of a custom-built furniture firm. Digital signage use will help you showcase your work and persuade the customer that your services can comply with their demands.
As you see, digital signage entered the modern advertising market and fixed its position there. Taking into account a number of benefits, this form of advertising is the best method to create a really effective advertisement.
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